Saturday, October 4, 2014

Indiana Sweetheart and the Lady With the Big Knife

Meet J. A. Everitt, a Seedsman With A Secret

James A. Everitt of Indianapolis, Indiana was a very interesting man.  I first noticed his catalog covers, which are interesting with some quirky features.  Then I was attracted to his catalog engravings that he spent real money on...having interesting editorial illustrations as well as bespoke plant engravings.

I am looking into his life for the next few blog posts. 
Indianapolis, center of the seed world...note the horizon curving behind the lettering.  This info graphic sits easily, if unexpectedly, among the flowers. 

Quirky is how I would describe these next illustrations. :-)

(Spot the  frog...)

Monday, September 29, 2014

1886 - Two of Van Gogh's Aster Paintings

Vincent van Gogh - Vase with Gladioli and China Asters 1886

Vase with Chinese asters and gladioliAugust 1886 - September 1886

Sunday, September 28, 2014

China Asters and The Joy of Search

On a whim I typed "China Aster" into the library of Congress image database.  They do have many agricultural images after all.

What popped up made me smile.

  • Title: Aster Chinese Restaurant
  • Date Created/Published: [between 1918 and 1928]
  • Medium: 1 negative : glass ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller

 Wow!  Thonet chairs, too?!

And finally this....when I removed the  "china".  
  • Title: [Aster (aster)]
  • Creator(s): Johnston, Frances Benjamin, 1864-1952, photographer
  • Date Created/Published: [between 1915 and 1935]
  • Medium: 1 photograph : glass lantern slide, b&w ; 3.25 x 4 in.

After this I got photos of the Astors :-)