Friday, January 17, 2014

A Tad More from the Three Misses from Minneapolis

Harking back to the 1/7/14 post Three Misses from Minneapolis, today's post is a full newspaper page that contains ads from all three seedswomen - Lippincott, Prior and White. Reading the whole page lets you travel back in time to 1906...a time when folks made their own lawn rollers it seems! 
 Do we roll lawns anymore?  I don't have a lawn, having decided to weed the grass out of my moss quite a few years ago.

A large size page is here.

When I did the first "3 Miss" postings I could not find much on Miss Jessie Prior.  Using newspapers I have started to find out more about her perhaps...and I am not sure she was really the mover and shaker in her company. I read that companies pretended to be women owned because women were perceived as more honest, careful and possibly cheaper sources of good seeds.
More on that later if it is interesting enough to mention.