Monday, March 3, 2014

John Bartram's Gift

Two greats in the horticultural history of the United States are John Bartram and William Prince.

When I was reading a seed and plant catalogue published by Bartram in 1807 I was gobsmacked to see this inscription!!

"Bartram founded the American Philosophical Society with his friend Benjamin Franklin.  His garden was a source of inquiry and pleasure for luminaries like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.  His seed and plant business thrived, with lists appearing as early as the 1750’s in London publications.  His international plant trade and nursery business survived him and thrived under the care of three generations of Bartrams."  Link

William Prince, Sr. established the first commercial nursery in the United States in Flushing, New York, was one of the early exporters of plants too, and importer of plants from Europe, and was responsible for discovering new fruit varieties.