Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surreal and Creepy, Charming and Sappy Pansy Art - Plus Other Weird Stuff

Pansies are heavily used in cards since they mean, in the language of flowers, "thinking of you" more or less depending on what author and from what period you are looking at.

While most are like the first card here, this one is nicely done.  The others  are a selection of cards I found interesting...from perfectly sappy to perfectly weird; the strange womens' heads on the dark pansy down below is evil looking!

Was the muscle man picture glued on a pansy a message?

I think my best find for odd is right below, Baby For Sale"  with the huge pansy below indicating thinking of you? What is this saying?

The next one might creep you out...it did me.  The top lady is demented.

Why would the publisher flip the image on this fair maiden pansy?  The card above the creepy one faces the other way.

I hoped to find the whole alphabet, but only found multiple S and P.
Nicely painted though.

Know your signaling flags?  (These are pretty looking nonsense.)

The next one was illustrated by Francis Brundage.
Interesting life!

Anyone old enough to remember Andy Devine and his weird piano playing cat, Midnight? Midnight was in a dress (as I remember) and I assumed some sort of device  to keep it upright and trapped so it pounded the piano and made cat faces. It all came back to me as I looked at the next card!! 
When I Googled it  some clips on YouTube turned up from Andy's Gang, the TV show that are very odd.
They were as strange as I remember.  I used to have to turn the channel sometimes.