Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Poor Man's Friend, the Rich Man's Delight"


These images are from H. W. Buckbee's 1907 and 1910 catalogs.  I couldn't pass up sharing this cut of his "modest" first building. (Love the gingerbread!)

The Great Coffee Berry (NOT real coffee) also got my attention.  We haven't heard much of that one lately. Wonder what it is. A bean from the looks.  Soy bean??? "Poor man's friend", indeed.

And lastly the herb pages, the first from 1907 and the second 1910.  I am always interested in seeing what a seedsman thinks is a good collection to offer.  I assume they will be a conservative selection, the ones of interest to most people.  


I like all the vignettes he adds to his headers.