Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Telephone Peas?! 1893

Telephone Peas!     The 1893 analog of 1969 Jet Star tomato? 
The Livingston's Sons catalog page describing Telephone Peas is below this Heroine engraving.

Actually, it was the Heroine Pea that first got my attention.  This is the sort of engraving that makes my heart go pitter-pat!    And in a tip of the hat to my cantaloupe loving husband, below is the colorful back cover featuring a Nutmeg melon variety.                 
Cantaloupes became popular after the Civil War even though they had been around since the 1700s. 
Yummy looking illustration!  And I don't like cantaloupe. 

I know when they are ripe when the house smells like garbage...something about the taste and smell pushes negative reaction smell buttons in my nose.