Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pursuing the Great Ruta Baga of Botley

Here you will find:

  • a impassioned put down of potatoes containing an icky reference to a prime                       minister's habits which illustrates why the Great Ruta Baga of Botley was a convicted libeller
  • the connection between GRB of Botley and Thorburn of Astoria

Before exploring that, look at this glowing description of Mr. Thorburn.

Wondering how the Great Ruta Baga of Botley came in close enough contact with seedsman Grant Thorburn to spark a libel suit?

According to this account, the year 1837 was marked by a ruta baga seed shortage!  I assume something in the ruta baga seed brought the GRBB and Grant Thorburn together. If you want to skip down to the Thorburn reference I marked it with red arrows.  William Cobbett, the Great Ruta Baga of Botley, was a major proselytizer for the use of rutabagas as animal feed.

And when did ruta baga become rutabaga?

Below is one page written by the Great Ruta Baga of Botley, Wm. Cobbett.  He was not a diplomatic man.  He could certainly rub a lot of people the wrong way faster than most.

It is also just plain gross in one spot!!!!


This book... A year's residence in the united states of america By William Cobbett contains an interesting point of view on many topics.