Monday, January 20, 2014

The House of Thorburn vs.The Great Ruta Baga of Botley!

The Great Ruta Baga of Botley came to light in the following article from The American Florist, The American Farmer of 1869 goes into some detail about GRBB.  To be kind, the man seems to have been a nut case. An eccentric and prolific writer and champion of the rutabaga he was  convicted of libel on both sides of the Atlantic! He did believe his "ruta bagas" were the perfect crop though.
1906.  An English gentleman named Wm. Corbett was the Great Ruta Baga of Botley. He seems to have been an enemy of of the Thorburns.

I was  delighted when I found the issue of the Florist containing this history of the Thorburns. The thought of having to compile it wasn't making me glow with excitement,  yet they are such an important family in the history of the seed trade I felt I wanted to see the big picture.  Thank goodness IT'S BEEN DONE!