Sunday, May 4, 2014

Delightful Cruciferous Maiden from Boston

"The Boston Seedsmen" Parker & Wood -1883 to 1893 and a whole bunch of other guys.

I was getting tired of following leads that were far from home, so I looked into my pile of bits and pieces and found this delightful cruciferous maiden from Boston.  This is a trade card.

 In 1883, Cyrus and William E. Wood bought a half interest in the firm of Parker & Gannett, seed merchants at 49 North Market street, Boston. This firm sold the goods made by the Woods in Arlington, and later the firm name became Parker & Wood. 
Cyrus Wood remained in this business only a year, and William E. Wood bought out Mr. Parker's interest, reorganizing the firm and admitting as partners Edward A. Hatch and Joseph B. Robinson under the firm name of Parker & Wood, as before. 

In 1890 Mr. Robinson sold his interest to his partners, and in August, 1893, Parker & Wood consolidated with Joseph Breck & Son, an old and successful seed house at 51 North Market street, under the name of Joseph Breck & Son Corporation, and Mr. Wood sold his interests to the new company, who immediately converted the two stores into one. 

 So then I wondered about Parker & Gannett and found this great trade card with the lawn mowing youngster.

Off topic: Is that a Carpenter Gothic house in the background?  >>>>>>

This is Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, CT., a Carpenter Gothic summer home museum.

Who is Osgood? 

And then, I found more!  These particular seed sellers seemed to jump around a lot creating different combinations.  While I would like to see a simple infographic charting their capitalistic matings, life is too short and I am outta here.