Friday, October 10, 2014

1892 - J. A. Everitt, Seedsman, Indianapolis - With A Fantastic Engraving!!

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for a wonderful
cutaway illustration
of the building and the

A. Everitt, 
121 and 123 West Washington Street,
Indianapolis, Indiana

A tad different looking today!

The following is from some old mag being complementary, and I just edited and changed tense:
This business was established in 1886.  In 1890 the concern was incorporated and in 1892 the large brick building now occupied, 195 feet in length, consisting of six floors, was built for the exclusive use of the business.  It was one of the largest and most completely equipped seed houses in the country. The trade extended throughout this and foreign countries, and half a million catalogues were printed and distributed annually to the patrons of the house. About 75 persons were employed by the concern.  

The stock embraced a full line of seeds of every description, grown to special order, chiefly in the North and East, including the standard varieties, such as bean, beet, cabbage, carrot, celery, sweet-corn, cucumber, lettuce, melons, onion, parsnip, pea, radish, spinach, tomato, turnip, etc., of the choicest character, with novelties and specialties in the same lines; the plants from which show superior growth, producing qualities and better average results than those obtained from any other source.Their floral department was equally select and desirable. The list contained every seed known to the lexicon of florists, put up in handsome packages, each package containing the firm's trade-mark and full directions for sowing and cultivating. Their small fruit and plant departments, their departments of farm seeds, of lawn and other grass and clover seeds, of esculents, including the great early potato "The Everitt" were likewise unsurpassed in variety and completeness.

The celebrated "Man Weight" farm and garden tools are also manufactured by this corporation, and have an extensive sale. 
The officers of the company are: J. A.Everitt,  president; L.J. Everitt,  secretary and treasurer.

Up-to-Date Farming is an agricultural semi-monthly that was started by J. A. Everitt in 1898 and was published by him till January, 1909, when it passed into control of an incorporated company, of which he was the chief owner.

In May 1906, The Plymouth Tribune, (Volume 5, Number 33, 24 May 1906) reported that Harry O. Chamberlain had been appointed receiver for William N. Everitt, Indianapolis seedsman, on complaint of James A. Everitt, a brother of William N. Everitt, who claims part ownership. A dissolution of the firm is asked.    

To the above I can only say I do not know what is going on...nor could I find any other info on the mysterious William N. Everitt.