Monday, October 6, 2014

The Name Game... 1894 J. A. Everitt Vegetables

 Was tennis the posh fad in 1895 or something?

 In this century it brings to mind rather tough, unpleasantly fuzzy lettuce...

The corn's name, however,  is still as strong as it was in 1894!

I wonder who wrote the copy and who came up with the names.

"Lightening EarlyValentine"...a bean worth knowing according to Everitt.

Are you familiar with the Japanese product naming style of picking English words more for their sound punch than for the the meaning?  When viewed by a native English speaker the names create a mental confusion that is enchanting, baffling, or hilarious.

This bean does that for me.  Almost any other ordering of those 3 words feels better than Lightening-Early-Valentine!

(Note: Just as I finished writing this, the words popped into place and no longer feel strange...the bond between Early and Valentine was broken. I'm leaving this here more as a neurological artifact than a comment on names!)
 A tour de force of lettuce engraving!