Saturday, May 24, 2014

J. Bolgiano & Son of Baltimore, and the Wharves

Before the real world of elementary school end-of-the-year-crazy-scheduling took over my life, I was exploring Baltimore, looking in my files for something to start in on.  By chance I picked a mediocre firm (seed story wise) to start with, Sinclair and Moore, as their name had just popped up in an unrelated search.  Cool postcards resulted from their post though!  And, in turn, those nutty surreal postcards came from that - and filled the days when I could not get to my computer to blog.

However, now that the art show is over, with all the children marveling at how wonderful their work looks, the giant box-made elephant standing in all its colorful patchwork glory (kindergarten decorated him with shapes and stars...many glued on his belly as it was fun to crouch under an elephant), the folding display walls dragged away for next year - now I have time to bring out the big Baltimore gun.  Bolgiano & Son.

Today just immerse yourself in the detail of this wonderful engraving of the waterfront.  The energy of the Baltimore wharves pulses from this work.  A larger detail follows this full bill of sale.

I need a sound effect button here.  You know, whistles, chugging, men yelling, rumbling of barrels and steel wheeled hand trucks.  And a stink button!- horse dung, wharf pilings, coal smoke, bilge refuse and people.

Montgomery Street doesn't seem to have changed much!!  What a lovely street! That is Federal Hill Park at the end.  And cobblestones!

Below is a view from Federal Hill before the city expanded.